2019 Social Media Epidemic: #10YearsChallenge


I read I write, I sleep, I play, I pray.

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3 Responses

  1. Ositadimma says:

    Great piece. Well researched. Inspiring and educating!!!

  2. Well said!! Tchiemela, it’s indeed becoming not just an epidemic but a norm as well, the media indeed has strong influence on individuals who are susceptible and sometimes gullible to such influences. All the same it’s a great and informative article.

  3. Victor Amaifeobu says:

    Well thought out write-up. I love your view beyond the appreciative standpoint. What about other spheres and circles of life, were they lived out in the process of a decade. That’s the question?

    The mere thought of just floating through life for a decade without meaningful impact and coming now to join the moving training in singing appreciative song of thanks is just sheer ignorance of the motive. A friend of mine fast track the whole process by saying, ” the looks and desires of 2029 start now”

    That’s conscious change we all seek for.

    Nice article with well sequenced research. Your point or view is driven home unambiguously. Kudos!

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