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Ask before you accuse

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Spread the love I have mentioned initially the need for effective listening ability. This time, I want to consider asking questions. Not just any question but the right question. A good question can change a...

You can deal with a difficult boss

You can Deal with a Difficult Boss

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Spread the loveFinally, God has heard your prayers. You have been offered that job opportunity you have always wanted. It’s now your first day at work. Sitting and arranging your table, your boss walks in....

More to Valentine's Day than Romance

More to Valentine’s Day than Romance

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Spread the loveIt is more than Romance With the February calendar hitting 14, hearts turn pink, dresses turn red roses, texts fly and of course excess sugar consumption. Singles wish they were married and married...

Common Mistakes Young People Must Avoid.

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Spread the love   Feeding your inhibitions!!! We go by everyday of our life getting consumed by our own inhibitions, because of us. We feed these little monsters until they become Godzilla size. These inhibitions...

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