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Staying motivated

Staying Motivated

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Spread the loveA few months ago you have made a New Year’s resolution regarding your personal development. You have made them before… and failed miserably. But it’s different this time around. You decide this will...

Dont sell sugar water

Don’t Sell Sugar Water

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Spread the loveIn 1983, John Sculley was the President of Pepsi. And up until that point, the company had been his life’s work. He had helped turn it into one of the world’s most recognizable...

5 Attitude to cut out from

5 Attitudes you need to cut off from your life

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Spread the loveThere are certain things that will always slow you down and prevent you from making fast progress. Most people tolerate a certain level of mediocrity in their lives — negative-minded friends, excessive social...

Learning from seven famous failures

Famous failures to learn from

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Spread the loveAt one point in time or the other, we encounter failure in life. It might be in school, in business or in our career. Our disposition at such a moment really matters as...

how to thrive when you feel the sting of unfairness

How to thrive when you feel the sting of unfairness

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Spread the loveUnfairness abounds in organizational life. Your company merged with a competitor and your position was eliminated You didn’t get the promotion. It’s not fair. You never thrive when unfairness derails your focus and...

Fail More

Fail More

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Spread the loveAll that you do includes risk. The main questions are what and how much. Poor decisions lead you into disappointment, and great decisions remove you from disappointment. “Achievement and disappointment both leave an...

Standing out in a noisy world

Standing Out in a Noisy World

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Spread the love “We are here to chuckle at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.” It’s a line just Charles Bukowski could have composed. To a...

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