You can Deal with a Difficult Boss

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  1. Ubaezuonu Emmanuel says:

    Very interesting topic. It’s really a practical affair everyone has a boss in his or her life; even the composite of man as a being is boss-like because we always have to deal with our hylomorphic composite. However, I wish to ask the question: how can one handle the situation of a boss who manipulates emotion; is it by reaction or by response? Also, it’s reaction always construed as negative?

    • temela says:

      In the context of this article, a reaction is always with a force and usually negative. A response comes with a calmness. It seeks to address politely the issue on the ground without trying to fire back. Thus, you respond to a manipulative Boss, not react. A reaction could hard your job position. Remember he’s the boss.

  2. Stephenmario Cssp says:

    Nice one Toneey

  1. February 22, 2019

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